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ILETA Austria
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professional Bodyguarding

ILETA Austria

Protective Escort and Bodyguarding

Absolute discretion and precise in detail

We have the necessary experience for national and International missions to do this very special job! Whether in uniform or casual, according to your ideas. With ILETA Austria, customers know exactly what they can expect!
Experience, efficiency and excellent results!

Bodyguard Training


For Civilians or Agency officials

Since it was founded, ILETA has been one of the most reliable names in the industry. Book us and let our discreet and professional way of training convince you!

Bodyguard Shop

Professional ballistic and technical equipment

Expert service, we equip you!

If you are equipped with protective clothing and equipment from our selected collection, no one will notice that you have a very special job! Thanks to the high-quality production of our products, we offer maximum protection with maximum discretion.

Story of ILETA:

The International Law Enforcement Training Agency was founded in 1976, initially as the Police Defensive Tactics Study Group of the Combat Training Team, based in what was then the Royal Marines Commando Depot in Deal, Kent. Between 1976 and 1985 it was responsible for training police officers from the following UK Police Agencies: City Police, Mereyside, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex, Devon & Cornwall and West Yorkshire in police defense tactics, methods of arrest and restraint and police impact weapons. In Belgium, police officers from the Liège Anti-Bandit Unit and 20 municipalities and special forces have been trained, and now we are spread around the world, providing training for police, military and private security companies

Are you ready to learn something new? Welcome to ILETA, one of the leading schools of its kind.


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The ILETA Austria team

Personenschutz Österreich

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