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Personal and escort protection

International Bodyguard

The increasing threat situation from people of public interest such as politicians or the private VIP sector is more and more often the reason why a bodyguard team is of need. Whether there are concrete occasions such as threats, findings of possible spying or a subjective feeling of insecurity - we are the right contact for short- and long-term missions. 


Protective Escort or Bodyguarding?


In a protective escort for endangered people, a distinction is made between protective escort and bodyguarding. Protective Escort isa an unarmed security force , while Bodyguarding consists of several armed security forces (pre- and post-commando).


All our employees have been trained according to the standards of the International Bodyguard

Association and the International Law Enforcement Training Agency. ILETA Austria is part of the IBA and the ILETA

This enables us to operate internationally as well. 


For further information and inquiries, please contact us anytime by mail or phone.

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